A greener future

Sustainability is a very strong topic that embraces economic, environmental, and social aspects and Ipotesi is strongly committed to these values. It implemented a social and environmental policy with a focus on ethical transaformation, respect for the envirronment and responsible businness development.

Ipotesi makes a strong effort into fabric research and partnership with suppliers that share the same values. It partners with certified suppliers, that subscribe the MRSL of the ZDHC and are planning a continuous improvement of ther impact on the environment. Third parties constantly receive audits to verify the results they reached.

Ipotesi obtained a series of certifications to work with sustainable products such as biological fabrics, recycled and controlled origin ones as well as certifications to guarantee the quality standars of the products.

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Recycled Packaging

Eco-friendly Fabrics

To preserve the environment, the company is also internally going towards a “Plastic Free” direction. All our samples are folded, before being shipped, inside recycled papers coming from previous production processes. Other initiatives are being evaluated or are in progress.

Our Values

  • Keep researching for eco-friendly fabrics and treatments
  • Add more and more sustainable proposals to our collections to raise awareness on this topic
  • Select suppliers that are able to work consciously with fabrics and treatments
  • Work closely to the production areas and third parties that are committed to sustainability, are certified and respect the MRSL and ZDHC protocol
  • Sensitise our employees on environmental topics and use recycled materials and trying to reduce the plastic’s consumption