Traditional Print

Equipped with different machines such as tables, rotary printing machines and flat printing machines, the mill is able to print any fabric type used for Apparel, Accessories and Furnishing. With a daily production of 70.000 mt, we can produce rotary screen prints with different repeats (64 cm, 72 cm, 91 cm). Continuous and large washing machines allow us to deal with fabrics with different compositions and different weights A great support is given by two latest generation robot colour kitchens.

Digital Print

The newest member of the group represents the future of the textile printing world. Despite the recent establishment, the company has great experience in the field of digital printing gained from the expert management, staff and the most modern machinery and technology which is constantly monitored and updated. Very modern digital machines enable us to produce up to 25.000 mts of digitally printed fabric per day. Thanks to a variety of coloration software we can supply very quick response to customer requirements; the digital machines have been chosen with different characteristics in order to fulfil all different requests and all possible printing resolutions. A team is always at customer’s disposal offering complete assistance and cooperation before printing.

Dyeing – Jacquard

The structure is able to prepare, dye and finish natural, artificial and synthetic fabrics like silk, viscose, wool, cotton, nylon etc. both woven and knitted. One of the most modern and sophisticated department with up-to-date continuous and large dyeing machineries allow us to produce up to 60.000 mts per day of plain fabric. To minimalize environmental impact and electrical consumption, a new air/water dyeing procedure has been developed. The well-equipped finishing department can create various handfeel and appearances thorough the most diverse processes. There is also a modern well-equipped laboratory to ensure that all processes are correct, and the highest standards are achieved We cooperate with several weaving mills to offer a wide range of fabrics.

Exclusive Design

Along as a wide collection, we also cooperate with our customers to personalize our designs or to create new proposals. We can also print your own exclusive designs that you can send us via WeTransfer or drop box in a resolution of minimum 300 pixel in .psd, .tiff, format Our team will evaluated each exclusive design for any technical adjustments in order to guarantee the best printing resolution with the utmost discretion.



We can produce printed scarves and foulards in different composition and sizes, hemmed, labelled and ready to be sold in your shops.

Quality Control

All our production is inspected by a quality control center, that is in charge of the measurement and control of the fabric with detailed reports on any imperfections according to the previously agreed quality standards. Chemical, physical and mechanical analysis are carried out on demand in a certified laboratory.